Ben Samuelson

The company was set up by Ben Samuelson in 2005, with the aim of providing highly targeted marketing and PR for forward-thinking professionals and luxury brands. Ben’s experience and contacts come from his family background in the film and television industry and his professional life building the TVR brand from that of little more than a kit car manufacturer on his arrival in 1993, to a globally recognised sportscar brand which, in its core markets, was able to compete head-to-head with the likes of Porsche.

TVR didn’t really have a PR and marketing budget – even motor shows and motorsport had to make a profit – but it was consistently able to box above its weight in its home market and in key export markets which included Europe, the Middle and Far East.

It achieved this primarily through the black art of PR, raising the brand’s profile via all forms of the media including television, national, lifestyle and specialist print media, as well as being very early to exploit the power of digital media. Alongside this was a canny product placement programme, which worked up from the likes of Grand Designs, culminating in a TVR starring alongside John Travolta in the movie Swordfish.

Since setting up Samuelson Wylie, Ben has built up an excellent team of fellow professionals, both in-house and externally, in the UK and overseas.

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Ellie Hargreaves

After reading Classics at the universities of Edinburgh and Leeds, Ellie began her career as a journalist, working for six years as a senior reporter, features writer, sub editor and qualifying as a video journalist before moving into communications in 2009. She now looks after the PR side of Samuelson Wylie, handling regional, national and international clients in fields ranging from travel and technology to automotive and property. Ellie approaches all work from a journalist’s perspective and has an excellent bank of contacts.

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Piers Ward

The former road test editor of TopGear Magazine and briefly the holder of the world lawnmower land speed record, Piers brings the perfect blend of organisational ability, writing skill and automotive knowledge to the table. After veering 90 right and taking a sabbatical from the industry to study for a masters in Project Management, he now heads up Samuelson Wylie's London team and plays a key part in the company's growing reputation for doing what it says it’s going to, no matter how outlandish the brief.

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Chris Pate

After serving 17 years in the Royal Navy, former commanding officer Chris Pate brings a wealth of experience to the role of project manager at Samuelson Wylie. But it wasn't his planning of multi-national operations, royal connections, charity work or masters in Business Management that secured him the job: rather, it was the fact he was once a TVR owner.

Between deployments to the Middle East, West Africa and South America, Chris volunteered for Mission Motorsport – a charity that organises motoring activities and experiences for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women – and drove a Chimaera HC. The latter being as much a contributing factor to his problem solving abilities, as nearly two decades on operations around the world. 

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Victoire Wicquart

Victoire joined Samuelson Wylie after working in events, marketing and sales for a number of companies in Paris, including LVMH. During that time, she organised monthly events including awards ceremonies, coordinated advertising campaigns in the press and on social media, and accrued a fine attention for detail. Now, she uses her expertise to help organise and co-ordinate our customer events, as well as co-hosting and offering support on the events themselves.

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Neil Winn

Neil joins the team from What Car?, Autocar and Pistonheads, working alongside Ellie as part of Samuelson Wylie’s content creation and social media team. Having worked for both traditional print publications and online outlets such as Car Throttle, Neil brings a complementary blend of automotive knowledge, digital nous and writing skill to the table. 

A keen biker and a racer with an entrepreneurial streak — in his teens he raised £70,000 worth of sponsorship to fund his Formula Ford career — Neil is a self-confessed speed junkie but has yet to beat his older colleagues when it comes to anecdotes from the circuits. Who could?

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Mark Gregory

Mark plays an important role on Samuelson Wylie events, offering technical and logistical support as well as a permanently cheery disposition. An experienced driver and deft problem solver, Mark was previously responsible for looking after Lancashire Constabulary’s vehicle fleet, servicing, repairing, modifying and road-testing each of its 85 high-performance cars and bikes. He has also been a member of an endurance cycling team, travelling across Europe.

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We are called Samuelson Wylie Associates because we have a huge team of associates on which we can call to work on specific projects for our clients. In a world where contacts are key, the team works with a board of advisers and consultants that includes one of the most senior and recognised figures in the motor industry, a high-ranking company doctor and the former sales and marketing director of one of the UK’s biggest luxury hotel chains. Other external colleagues include senior ex-journalists from The Sunday TimesDaily Mail and Observer as well as serious players in M&A, PE and financial and corporate communications.

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